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Lead Tin Alloy

We are leading Lead Tin Alloy Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers. The Lead Tin Solder is widely used in the electronics industry, in bearings and ornamental ware. Tin provides the alloy the ability to wet and bond with metals such as steel and copper. Due to the lustrous appearance of this alloy it is also used to manufacture jewellery and mirrors.



  • Bearing assembly, ballast, casting, step soldering, and radiation shielding
  • Cooking utensils and toys
  • In type metals and solders
  • Plumbing
  • Electronic applications


Note : Minimum Order Quantity 1 Ton & Maximum No Limit.


Elements %Wt.
Tin (Sn) 1.00 - 1.20%
Antimony (Sb) 0.005% max
Arsenic (As) 0.001% max
Bismuth (Bi) 0.002% max
Iron (Fe) 0.001% max
Note : Any other impurities shall not be more than 0.001%

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