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Litharge Lead Oxide

Litharge Lead Oxide, which is Lead Mono-Oxide (PbO) is a yellowish or reddish, odorless, heavy, earthy, water-insoluble, solid, PbO, used chiefly in the manufacture of Lead Stabilizers (Lead Steareates), pottery, Lead glass, paints, enamels, and inks. Litharge is also called Lead Monoxide, Lead Oxide, Plumbous Oxide.


Other use of Litharge is as intermediate used in a variety of industries like lubricants and greases, insecticides, inorganic pigments, Lead soaps, petroleum refining, rubber and PVC etc.


Note : Minimum Order Quantity 1 Ton & Maximum No Limit.


Description Test Specification
Appearance Yellow Fine Powder
Purity 99.5% min
Free Lead 0.10% max
Particle (for granular) +8 mesh -18 mesh Nil 5.0% max
Particle (for powder) + 325 mesh 0.2% max

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